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I offer a comprehensive approach towards creating inclusive environments. I provide support, resources and strategies that focus on empowering individuals and organizations through speaking engagements and consultations.


Keynotes & Speaking

Jeff is a frequently invited keynote and guest speaker at colleges, universities, professional organizations, and community organizations. He blends his personal stories and professional experience to discuss how to support LGBTQIA2S+ people. 

Popular Talks

LGBTQIA2S+ State of Affairs in Higher Education

Dr. Jeff Maliskey discusses the current state of affairs for LGBTQIA+ students, faculty, and staff in higher education. By exploring current LGBTQIA2S+ trends in addition to best and emerging practices in higher education across the nation, Jeff reflects and offers insight into the current and future direction of LGBTQIA2S+ work.

Unveiling our Past, Shaping Our Future, A Journey through LGBTQ+ History

LGBTQ+ history is often shared through stories without written record and can sometimes get lost over generations, especially in rural communities. Unveiling our past gives us understanding to the lived experiences of LGBTQ+ people to contextualize our current state of affairs.  This presentation explores regional history through Dr. Jeff Maliskey’ s research in higher education LGBTQ+ activism and the connection to the national LGBTQ+ movement from the 1980s to present day in the Midwest region.


Does your campus or organization need an outside voice to make change possible? Jeff is experienced with creating LGBTQIA2S+ programs, services and initiatives from the ground up. Consider booking a consultation service with Jeff.

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